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Your coverage through HPSO will pay for attorney’s fees as a result of your required appearance at a deposition that arises out of professional services . Personal Liability Coverage – up to $1,000,000 annual aggregate Covers you for legal liability for covered claims resulting from incidents at your residence, unrelated to your work.


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HPSO and CNA provide malpractice insurance to more than 96,000 counselors. Their latest Counselor Claim Report includes a 5-year analysis of malpractice claims, license defense claims, deposition assistance, record requests, and CNA’s risk management recommendations.


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Lockton is one of the leading advisors on professional liability insurance. We have unparalleled knowledge of the coverage available under professional liability insurance policies, and strong relationships with a wide array of top professional liability insurers.


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Oct 08, 2019 · HPSO and CNA also can help members with questions regarding insurance needs. For further details, contact HPSO at 800-995-7667. HPSO is able to meet a variety of liability coverage needs, but if you find that you still need assistance in this area after speaking with them, please feel free to contact APTA’s Member Services Department at 800-999 …


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For more information on the professional liability insurance plan offered through HPSO, visit their Web site, call 800-982-9491, or e-mail [email protected] Current Policy Holders: HPSO has provided an extensive FAQ section on their website to address general questions and concerns regarding the impact of COVID-19.


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Healthcare Providers Service Organization, or HPSO, provides professional liability insurance for mental health professionals. They also appear to have a partnership with the ACA (American Counseling Association), in that during your student internship you can get insurance through them for just the cost of an ACA membership.


HPSO – Professional Liability for Healthcare Businesses

The professional liability insurance for healthcare businesses offered through HPSO covers malpractice claims made against you by patients alleging you were negligent in providing, or failing to provide, professional services, including the cost of the legal defense.


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Oct 18, 2020 · HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Organization) offers professional liability insurance for all types of healthcare professionals. They insure individuals, businesses, medical practices and schools. HPSO insures over a million such professionals and have since 1991.


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Professional liability insurance coverage through HPSO offers you peace of mind whether you’re on the job, off the job, or between jobs. Our program provides healthcare malpractice coverage to more than 90 healthcare professions, as physicians are not the only healthcare professionals who are sued for malpractice.


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Liability Insurance. CASC is proud to endorse the Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) as its official provider of professional liability insurance for CASC members. We believe the coverage offered through HPSO is superior to what can be obtained elsewhere and provides you with the broadest coverage in the marketplace.