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Intuit Link is a secure, web-based portal that accountants use to gather tax data and responses from their clients. What are the benefits of Link? Link provides several benefits to a preparer’s clients, including but not limited to: clarity on what a preparer needs to prepare a client’s tax return(s)

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Intuit Link: Free & Secure Tax Data Collection Portal Software

with Intuit Link Collect and organize your clients’ information with the secure online portal included with your tax software at no additional cost.

Inviting Clients to Join Intuit Link

A client (either an individual or organization) must be added to a preparer’s client list and then invited to join. The client accepts the invitation and becomes "active" in Intuit Link. Adding a Client in Intuit Link 1. Log on to the Intuit Link login page for accountants. 2. Enter your Inuit "On…

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We’ve had trouble with Intuit Link since we switched our email address from an sbcglobal to a gmail. It hasn’t worked since. However, one of our team has an sbcglobal email address used to log in to ProSeries desktop. Using this, I am able to invite clients to Link. When I invite a client, should I …

Payroll Employee Portal Experience – Intuit Workforce

Payroll Employee Portal Experience – Intuit Workforce

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Intuit Link

If this occurs multiple times, please contact Intuit support for further assistance and let your tax preparer know.