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Penn State . People . Departments . SAP Concur. Search Menu. Need Help? SAP Concur ListServ. Subscribe to SAP Concur ListServ; Unsubscribe from SAP Concur ListServ … Documentation on features and functionality for administering groups in SAP Concur, guidelines for processing SAP Concur reports at fiscal year-end, user guides for booking …

Penn State WebAccess Secure Login

The Penn State WebAccess system provides an environment in which users can authenticate/log in one time with their respective Penn State Account user ID and password to a central server in order to access multiple services protected with WebAccess without needing to re-authenticate.

PSU Travel – Pennsylvania State University

Penn State travelers can make air reservations through the following options: … All travel incurred on behalf of the University is to be settled through the SAP Concur Reimbursement System. This system allows the settlement of charges on the Purchasing Card, as well as personally paid expenditures, to properly settle amounts due to the …

PSU Travel

Most airlines are now offering change-fee waivers, name-change waivers, and refunds for impacted…

Office 365 at Penn State – Information on the project to …

Penn State is creating a variety of Learning Paths to support Office 365. A Learning Path is a compilation of resources including videos, documentation, and instructor-led training sessions. These interactive and self-paced paths allow users to …

How It Works SAP Concur – Pennsylvania State University

SAP Concur allows you to use your Penn State Purchasing Card with travel spending limits to pay for expenses like lodging and meals. Or, if you prefer, you can use a personal credit card to pay for your travel expenses. No matter what method of payment you use, non-per diem expenses may require receipts.

SAP Concur Information SAP Concur

SAP Concur is used to compensate employees and non-employees for expenses incurred while on travel status and to pay for group meal and meeting expenses.

Training SAP Concur – Pennsylvania State University

Users can watch videos that step through the processes to Verify Email, for using Mobile Devices, for using Request to create travel estimates, travel estimates with a cash advance, maintain PCARDs or request a new PCARD.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions SAP Concur

SAP Concur support staff have the ability to add locations for the City search list as needed. To request the addition of a CONUS location, please submit a request to the SAP Concur Help Desk. Include the name of the City, the State abbreviation, and the ZIP Code.