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Seminole County Public Schools 1/7/21 scps grad rate increases to 94.5% for 2019-2020; 1/7/21 zeroeyes, inc. & scps team-up for school safety technology pilot program; 12/17/20 foundation for seminole county public schools to donate school supply kits to students in need; 12/2/20 scps announces 2022 teacher of the year finalists & grade-level winners Stafford … Read more

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Clever Log in Having trouble? Contact your school’s Clever Admin for assistance. Or get help logging in;NGM2M2MxY2Y2MjNkY2U4MmNhYWM=;aHR0cHM6Ly9jbGV2ZXIuY29tL2luL2F1dGhfY2FsbGJhY2s=;MzU1NWEwMGY1N2FkZWMzYzM1MDUxZjkzMTZhMjU4ODNlYTk5NGU0YmViZjQyNjMzYmVkYTZiYTdmYjRjMWU1Nw==;Y29kZQ== Clever Select your School Search for your school. Clever Badge log in. Parent/guardian log in District admin log in Elementary School Launchpad: Home Page Launchpad Scholastic Reading Inventory. Elementary School Launchpad © 2017. All Rights Reserved. … Read more