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Canvas Canvas by Instructure is the official Learning Management System (LMS) for Utah Valley University. Students use Canvas to access course syllabi, assignment requirements, important class announcements, and much more. Canvas is the place to submit assignments, take quizzes, and discuss important topics with classmates.


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UVU Start-up Network. Recent Activity in Start-up Network information No Recent Messages You don’t have any messages to show in your stream yet. Once you begin participating in your courses you’ll see this stream fill up with messages from discussions, grading …


Reflection Essay – Instructure

Self-Reflection Essay starter questions Writing History; Rhetorical Analysis; Synthesis; Proposal; Annotated Bibliography; Researched Argument 1. Brainstorm (on board) all the possible skills we have covered over the course of the semester.


reflection: reflection: aspiring … – Instructure

(brief sample reflection) As I prepare to work with faculty in a shared effort to advance ePortofolios @ UVU, I am hopeful. On the one hand, the rich affordances of digital media enable us to reflect and project our contemplative associations with the work we have done.


Welcome to UVU Utah Valley University Utah Valley …

Utah Valley University is one of a few higher education institutions in the nation that offer an integrated dual-mission model, combining the rigor and richness of a first-rate teaching university with the openness and vocational programs of a community college.


Canvas at Utah Valley University for Students Canvas …

UVU Canvas for Students. Canvas is the place to submit assignments, take quizzes, and discuss important topics with classmates.


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This example of my writing was published a couple of years ago. I think it’s one of the better pieces of writing because when I wrote it I had been teaching composition for a couple of years here at UVU; so when it came to writing this paper I was a lot more conscious about my use of transitions and the cohesion of my paragraphs.


Don Watkins – UVU Entrepreneur-in-Residence: UVU Start-up …

My Dashboard; Start-up Network; Pages; Don Watkins – UVU Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Home; Assignments; Pages; Files; Collaborations …


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